Nema Vinkeloe Uuskyla is a musician, social scientist and activist. Born on 22nd October 1993, she is the daughter of alto saxophonist/flautist Biggi Vinkeloe and drummer Peeter Uuskyla. She received classical training in her instruments from an early age and attended middle and high schools with a specialised curriculum in music. She started freelancing as a musician after graduation in 2011, while commencing her studies at the Gothenburg University. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Global Studies, with a special focus on International Relations, Global Political Economy and Global Gender Issues. During her studies, she spent a year at Dublin City University as an exchange student, and completed internships as research assistant at the German Parliament and at Gothenburg University. She is the cofounder of Open Horizon Records and a board member of the organisation GlobalKulture. She is also a board member of the Swedish association GADIP (Gender and Development in Practice) and an active member of the international network WIDE+ (Women in Development Europe), through which she publishes reports and articles and organises conferences, seminars and workshops. She has so far appeared on three studio albums (2013, 2015, 2017) and one live recording (2019) and has performed in India, USA, Uganda, Italy, Sweden, Germany and Ireland.





Phone: +46 763 28 28 83


Nema Vinkeloe Uuskyla is a young yet skilful singer, violinist and violist who has performed in Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Italy, India, Uganda and USA. She is a freelance musician since 2011 and has performed in concerts, conducted workshops and recorded in different constellations and contexts.